Phase 1: Community Building and Initial Development • Initial GrowSol draft idea • Development of a Reward Token on Solana • Establish social media presence on platforms like Twitter and Telegram • Engage with the community through giveaways and promotions to build a strong foundation. • Awareness marketing Phase 2: Expansion and Outreach • Ramp up marketing efforts, collaborating with prominent influencers on Twitter, and Telegram to increase visibility and attract new holders. • Launch targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and generate interest in the project. • Focus on community engagement through interactive activities and events to foster loyalty and participation.

Phase 3: Launch and Scaling • Official Launch of GrowSol • Launch of Tracking Rewards dApp • Continue to enhance the project’s infrastructure and features based on community feedback and market trends. Phase 3: Launch and Scaling • MILESTONE Reach 2,500 holders: Release the TypeScript custom code on GitHub, enabling transparency and community involvement in the Solana’s development.

Phase 4: Accelerated Growth and Innovation • Introduce new partnerships and collaborations to expand the project’s reach and capabilities. • Launch viral marketing campaigns on Twitter to increase awareness and drive organic growth. • MILESTONE 14 Days after launch: Release GrowTrade's Beta, the trading bot, providing users with additional utility and incentivizing further adoption. • Further develop the ecosystem by exploring innovative use cases and integrating new features based on emerging technologies and trends. Phase 5: Sustainability & Long-Term Vision • Focus on maintaining a strong community presence and fostering continued engagement through ongoing initiatives and incentives. • MILESTONE: Expanding the ecosystem by exploring inventive applications and integrating cutting-edge AIdriven features based on emerging technologies and trends. • Strive for sustainability and longevity by establishing a roadmap for future growth and expansion, ensuring Growsol remains a leading project within the cryptocurrency space. What’s Next? Join our Twitter Spaces and Telegram VCs to find out

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