Revenue Model & Buybacks

We get paid by our Partners, 0.4% of the total value swapped by the user.

We do NOT charge any additional fee. User pays on-chain fees depending on volume and liquidity at the moment of the swap.

As an aggregator, GrowBridge adds significant value for users, enabling access to the best swapping opportunities. This revenue supports ongoing enhancements to our service, ensuring users consistently receive optimal trading options.

As part of the GrowSol's Ecosystem, GrowBridge uses the revenue it gets on each swap as follows:.

  • 20% of collected revenue goes to Referrer

  • Half of what's left after the 20% is given to the referrer, buys back GrowSol $GRW

  • The remaining goes to development

Where do the bought tokens go? They get sent to the Reserve wallet which is going to be used for future Staking/Farming

Reserve Wallet: HFHHBkQdXoFxUAgQkdGZnLThPV5KvHkZx36WEeZntE9X

Note: This wallet is excluded from rewards

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