What is GrowBridge?

GrowBridge is a decentralized privacy meta-protocol designed to be the leading privacy infrastructure for Web3. It brings together premier exchanges and liquidity providers capable of facilitating cross-chain trades and swaps, with a focus on restoring privacy in the DeFi sector. GrowBridge executes privacy-preserving swaps between digital assets across various blockchains while seamlessly integrating ZCash technology.

Why should I trust GrowBridge?

With GrowBridge, you can trade directly from your wallet without the need for Wallet-Connect. Our platform offers a non-custodial, unified user experience across different applications, ensuring that you maintain full control over your assets throughout the trading process. Partner exchanges, aggregators, and liquidity providers offer private and instant transactions, with no risk of funds being lost or sent to the wrong wallet.

Can my funds be lost in a swap transaction with GrowBridge?

By design, tokens cannot be "lost" during a swap on GrowBridge. Our architecture is entirely non-custodial, guaranteeing that users retain complete control over their assets at all times. This ensures a secure and reliable trading environment, allowing users to trade with confidence.

Does GrowBridge require registration?

GrowBridge operates as a non-custodial protocol and does not require any KYC or registration. Users can seamlessly interact with the platform without connecting a wallet or undergoing registration. We do not conduct random KYC checks on our customers. However, third-party systems are employed to detect suspicious activity, ensuring compliance with regulations and mitigating risks.

Are there min and max limits on amounts with GrowBridge?

GrowBridge imposes no limits on crypto trading. However, users should ensure that the minimum amount is sufficient to cover blockchain fees. The platform notifies users of the minimum amount required to process an exchange effectively.

How long does a swap take on GrowBridge?

Typically, crypto swaps on GrowBridge are processed within 5 to 30 minutes. The duration may vary depending on factors such as the network used, blockchain conditions, and trade availability.

What are the fees for executing an anonymous swap on GrowBridge?

GrowBridge charges a minimal fee of approximately 0.4% for exchanges, which is covered by our partners. As an aggregator, GrowBridge adds significant value for users, enabling access to the best swapping opportunities. This fee supports ongoing enhancements to our service, ensuring users consistently receive optimal trading options. We maintain transparency regarding our fee structure and strive to offer fair and competitive pricing at all times.

Does GrowBridge Aggregation Protocol charge any additional fees?

No, GrowSwap does not charge any on-top fees. Exchange rates offered to users already include fees charged by partner exchanges. Our aim is to provide users with the best swap rates without any additional charges.

How does the revenue from GrowBridge benefit GrowSol Token?
  • 20% of collected revenue goes to Referrer

  • Half of what's left after the 20% is given to the referrer, buys back GrowSol $GRW

  • The remaining goes to development

Where do the bought back tokens by the utilities go?

They get sent to the Reserve wallet which is going to be used for future Staking/Farming

Reserve Wallet: HFHHBkQdXoFxUAgQkdGZnLThPV5KvHkZx36WEeZntE9X

Note: This wallet is excluded from rewards

How does the anonymized exchange work on GrowBridge?

The GrowSwap meta-protocol facilitates privacy-preserving swaps between digital assets across different blockchains while integrating ZCash technology. By aggregating liquidity from top exchanges, GrowBridge ensures users benefit from the best exchange rates available, promoting privacy and efficiency in Web3 and DeFi.

Why might the final amount of funds differ from the quoted amount on GrowBridge?

Due to the time required to process transactions on blockchains and the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the final amount received may slightly differ from the initial quote. GrowSwap guarantees the optimal rate at the moment of the exchange operation.

Can I cancel a transaction on GrowBridge?

Blockchain transactions are irreversible, and once funds are sent, they cannot be canceled. Therefore, users are advised to double-check all payment details before initiating transactions.

How do I contact support at GrowBridge?

Users can reach out via Telegram. When contacting support, please specify your order ID for efficient assistance. Telegram ID:

How can I become an Affiliate with GrowBridge?

The Affiliate program is available for partners interested in earning revenue share for each exchange made via GrowSwap. Partners can generate their referral links in the telegram bot. Once the Partners provide their Solana wallet, they will start earning 20% of GrowSwap's revenue (0.4%) for each swap that happens through their affiliation link.

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